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Importing a Russian Spaniel puppy


from Russia To the USA

RSC will be happy to provide any assistance necessary to import a puppy from Russia. This help is completely free in hopes that the puppy will become a part of the RSC breeding stock. You can read testimonies of our members who imported their dogs through RSC here. Also, please read the answer to the most commonly asked questions related to big question Why Import?

NOTE: If you have visited this page before, please look at the information again!!! The process has changed for the better: faster and cheaper!!!



Once you choose a puppy, the "puppy-keeper", the person who will care for the puppy, prepare all papers and ship him/her to you, picks up your baby from the breeder. Before puppy can be picked up, the buyer would only need to send the about half of the money which covers the cost of the puppy (average $550), cost of the tattoo ($9), shots ($20), crate ($86) and "permit to export" document ($25), plus a part of the puppy-keeper's fees ($200). Puppies are usually picked up from the breeder at 4-6 weeks of age. Unless someone is going to bring your puppy home, he/she will stay with the puppy-keeper till 10 weeks of age. During that time puppies are kept indoors to avoid exposure to illnesses. Puppies are not housebroken when shipped. Puppy-keeper is responsible for all care, appropriate diet and socialization. During that time puppy-keeper obtains all nessesary documents including the health cerificate from the vererinarian, crate and assessories. We pre-arrange the flight date and time with buyer and puppy-keeper. At this time, the buyer would need to send the remaining amount. Once the puppy is on the plane, buyer can contact the airline directly with any concerns. Puppy is picked the airport cargo terminal with a picture id. Most airports charge a small fee (~$20) that was not included in the calculations below. Please contact the airport of the puppy's arrival to verify the amount and bring cash.


STEP 1: Choosing a puppy

Russian Spaniel Club will be happy to help you with the process of finding the puppy for you! The only thing we ask in return is to have your new puppy in our Club Registry and would like for it be a part of the breeding stock in the future, if situation allows.

We have a "Puppies for Import" webpage showing all available and expected litters with information and pictures of parents and puppies when those become available. That page gets updated all the time, so please keep checking it. RSC gets this information from local clubs in Russia who contol all breeding and evaluate every litter prior to sale. We also do our best to check the pedigrees for potential problems.

Are there health guarantees on an imported puppy? The status of law in Russia provides us with no enforcing mechanism for any type of guarantee contract. Russian Spaniel Club can not be responsible in any way. We do our best to help you for free but we are only human. On the other hand, because breedings in Russia are always pre-arranged by the dog club, only healthy dogs produce offsprings. Qualified breed expert from the local club evaluates the puppies at 4 weeks of age for health problems, deviations from the breed standard, and quality of care puppies recieved in the breeder's home. A puppy would then be examined by a veterinarian prior to the flight. Also, remember that the breed is very young, and therefore there are NO genetic diseases specific to these dogs except obesity (control your pup's diet please!), otitis (common in all spaniel breeds - keep their ears clean!), and a very rare case of food alergies (we have not seen any yet, but it's in the literature).

STEP 2: Arranging the transport

There are 2 options to transport your puppy into the US:

1.  Most of our imported puppies are sent from Russia as "live cargo" to a local (large) airport via Delta or Aeroflot. Unless there is a direct flight to destination city, the puppy will spend the night either in New York City or Atlanta in a professionally ran kennel where they are fed, walked and taken care of. Delta charges for overnight stay $40 in NYC or $85 in Atlanta. Aeroflot flies only to NYC, Toronto, Washington DC and Los Angeles. We try to arrange it so that a puppy has no more than 1 night stays, and look for the shortest trip possible. Crate size: 64cmx43cmx43cm or 25"x17"17".

  If you (or someone you know) are planning a trip to Russia, you can bring the puppy back in the airplane cabin. We strongly urge you to reserve a place for your puppy in the plane cabin as early as possible since only a limited number of animals are allowed for each flight! Lufthansa rules state that the maximum weight for the animal allowed in the cabin, including the carrier, is 18lbs/8kgs and may be a maximum of 55x40x20cm or 22x16x8in. AirFrance takes only dogs with all shots, i.e. they puppy would be over 3.5 months old. For most people, this is not a real option, however if this is what you choose, please consider bringing another puppy for someone else as well.

Note:  Sometimes the Russian Spaniel Club becomes aware of a trustworthy person who would carry your puppy across the ocean on board of the airplane. We can not guarantee that one will be located. Also, the carrier might land in a city some distance from your home, and it's up to you to arrange the transportation from there. We will tell you if this is an option before you make your decision.

STEP 3: Sending payment to breeder and "puppy keeper" .

Both, Moneygram and Western Union companies have an extensive network of locations in Moscow and St Petersburg and many other large cities. Moneygram might be a little cheaper, but Western Union also allows you to send and track your money online. Prices might also depend on sender's location within the US.

Payment can be made in full or in two transfers. 1st payment is sent before the puppy can be picked up: for the cost of the puppy (average $550), cost of the tattoo ($9), shots ($20), crate ($86) and "permit to export" document ($25), plus the part of the puppy-keeper's fees ($200). 2nd payment is sent a week before the flight for the remaining amount which depends on the destination. See detail on the cost breakdown below.

Note: If the puppy gets sick in the care of the "puppy keeper", the buyer will be responsible for the veterinary expenses, unless "puppy keeper" fails to notify of the problem before treatment decision is made or right after the urgent care was administred.

STEP 4: "Puppy keeper" obtains necessary documents

  • If you are using transportation options 1 and the puppy is going to be sent as "live cargo", shots are not requited by the US customs for puppies under 3 months of age. Here is what a puppy needs to fly.


Necessary documents:



 Original pedigree from the local breed club



 Permission to export, i.e. "Справка на вывоз"



 International Veterinary certificate (obtained in the airport before the flight), i.e. "Международная Ветеренарная Справка" 


4.  Medical form #1 (obtained with 3 days of flight)


"Permission to export" states the type of transportation, date and name of the person exporting the dog. It's recommended that the dog has a tattoo for identification. The permission lists the breed, sex, color, date of birth and tattoo number. Then it states that this particular dog has "no special value to people of Russia", costs one thousand rubles and is permitted to be exported. It will be turned in to the Russian customs at the airport.

  • If you are going to use the 2nd or "the carrier" option, your puppy would need:  

Same documents described above: Original pedigree from the local breed club, "Permission to Export, Medical form #1, and International Veterinary certificate. No shots are required for puppies under 3 months of age.


Plus: It is not a requirement but to avoid possible problems, we would recommend getting a veterinary certificate on the mother of your puppy stating that she recieved rabies shots no more than 1 year and no less than 1 month prior to puppy's travel date.

  • OPTIONAL : "РКФ" (pronounced as RKF: Russian Kynological Federation) pedigree is not required for export/import right now. It costs another $50 and takes a VERY long time! Since there are negotiations FCI and "РКФ" about Russian Spaniel breed recognition, you might choose to apply for one. If you choose to do that, please let us know as soon as possible so that we could ask the local club in Russia to issue an additional certified (signed) puppy pedigree for submission to the "РКФ".  
  • SHOTS: Puppy keeper administers the first set of shots 3 weeks before the flight. This is not required by airlines, but is done for puppies' protection during the long flight. Cost is $20.

STEPS 5 and 6:  "Puppy keeper" takes the puppy to airport in Russia, and you pick up your new puppy at the airport in the US.

Unless you are traveling to Russia yourself and will be bringing the crate with you, breeder or "puppy keeper" will have to purchase one for you. Cost: carry-on crate and accessories are about $60, cargo crate and accessories are about $86. Unless you can pick up the puppy, the puppy-keeper will bring your puppy to the airport to the "Carrier" or to "Live Cargo" counter. From that moment on you can contact the airline to find out where your puppy is. If you are using "Live Cargo", please contact the airline to make sure your dog is arriving on time. At the airport cargo terminal you will show your picture id, get the paperwork stamped by customs/agricultiral service, and pick up your puppy. It might take between 1 and 3 hours depending on the airport personel...

Then... ENJOY YOUR NEW PUPPY! And don't forget to send us many pictures!

Time Table:

From puppy's DOB
    "Live        Cargo"
Yourself Carry-On
"Carry-On Carrier"
at least
10 weeks
1 month
1 month
at most
<3 months
<3 months
<3 month

        Estimated Cost Table:


 Puppy (average)
 Puppy keeper fees*** $300.00 - $150.00
 Puppy ID tattoo
 First set of shots

      1. "Permission to export" form
      2. Medical form #1 (3 days before flight)
      1. Crate, padding, etc (approximate)

      2. Custom/airport fees (incl International             Veterinary Certificate)
      3. Transportation (estimate to east coast)
      4. To puppy carrier -

* Plus the cost of your trip to Russia. Also, if the puppy keeper arranges all papers, crate, and brings your puppy to the airport for you, she should be paid a fee of $120, as for "Carry-On Carrier" option.
** Add transportation cost from the carrier's port of US entry to your house. Remember: there is no way to predict if a carrier would be found, therefore one should not assume availability of this option.
*** If breeder is located outside of the Moscow area, additional fees would be required to cover the cost of the trip to the breeder's city to pick up the puppy.

Note: All prices listed here are approximate and might change without our knowledge. If you find that a price listed here is no longer accurate, please let us know right away. The purpose of listing this information is to familiarize a potential puppy buyer with the process. Please do not hold us responsible for inaccuracies, as we do our best to keep you informed. Last updated 03/31/08


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