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LFZ Russian Spaniel
Use this application to register a Russian Spaniel living in the USA or Canada only.
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Dog's Basic Information

1. Dogs Name:*
2. Sex:*
3. Date of Birth:*
4. Place of Birth:*
Please complete section on Imported dog if "Imported" is selected.
5. Main color:*
6. Markings color:*
7. The dog is(will be) trained as a gundog?*

Owner Information
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Dog Pedigree Information

Sire's name:*
Sire's DOB:*
Sire's Owner:*
Sire's Country of residence:*
If Sire is registered with RSC, provide his registration number:
Sire is registered with (other than RSC):*
Sire's ID number in the club listed above is:

Dam's name:*
Dam's DOB:*
Dam's Owner:*
Dam's Country of residence:*
If Dam is registered with RSC, provide her registration number:
Dam is registered with (other than RSC):*
Dam's ID number in the club listed above is:

Imported Dog's Information (to complete for the dog born outside USA and Canada)

Country of Birth:
City of birth:
Date of arrival to USA or Canada:
Name of the Foreign Registry or Club:
Foreign Registry ID Number:
Tattoo location:

By submitting the above information and applying for the membership in the Russian Spaniel Club, I asknowledge and accept that at no time will I attempt to breed from the dog registered with the Russian Spaniel Club without prior consent from the Russian Spaniel Club. I also understand that Russian Spaniel Club has a right to refuse issuing pedigree and register my dog's unplanned offspring, and I would inform the offspring's new owner about this club regulation.


Do not forget to send us a picture of your Russian Spaniel to display on the RSC's website
If you have any questions please send us an Email RSC
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