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Puppies of Fedya and Basya

born 10/04/2005

Only one male puppy remaining for SALE

A litter of marble-black puppies was born in Germantown, MD on November 4, 2005. There are 1 female and 3 males. Contact us if interested.


Father Fedya is marble-black

from St. Petersburg, Russia

Mother Basya is marble-black

from Moscow, Russia

Fedya's pedigree

Exterior: RSC evaluated 07/2005

Basya's pedigree

Exterior: RSC evaluated 07/2005

<<<<more pictures here>>>> <<<<more pictures here>>>>
Fedya Basya


Kingsley Alek

owned by Casey Bretzmann of VA

Boy 2

For sale

Boy 1

Go to his photopage >>>

Boy 2 "Filya"

Go to his photopage >>>

K. Bazik

owned by Gail Verbitsky of MD


owned by Yvette Word of MD

Boy 3

Go to his photopage >>>


Go to her photopage >>>

Check out the"Puppies for Import" page >>>>

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