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Photos of Vanya (a.k.a. Ivan)

born 06/13/2004

Ivan is owned by Tom Mueller of CA

12 months

Vanya 3

Vanya 1Vanya & Yury

8 months old

Vanya 1 Vanya 4

4 months old

Vanya1 oct04 Vanya4 oct04

Vanya2 oct04Vanya8 oct04

Vanya3 oct04Vanya7 oct04

Vanya5 oct04 Vanya6 oct04

6 weeks old

Echo1 6wEcho2 6wEcho3 6w

Echo4 6wEcho5 6wEcho6 6w

almost 5 weeks old

Echo4 alm5wEcho9 alm5wEcho10 alm5wEcho11 alm5w

Echo8 alm5wEcho6 alm5wEcho2 alm5w

Echo3 alm5w

Echo7 alm5wEcho1 alm5w

4 weeks old

Echo1 outside 4wEcho2 outside 4w

Echo3 outside 4wEcho4 outside 4wEcho5 outside 4w

3.5 weeks old

Echo7 @ 3.5wEcho4 @ 3.5wEcho9 @ 3.5w

Echo2 @ 3.5wEcho3 @ 3.5w

Echo5 @ 3.5w

2.5 weeks old

Echo 2.5w 1Echo 2.5w 6Echo 2.5w 3

Echo 2.5w 2

Echo 2.5w 4Echo 2.5w 7Echo 2.5w 8

1 week old

Echo 1 weekEcho 1 week

Echo 1 weekEcho 1 week


2 days old




Fedya Delashka Dina

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