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First Dog Show and meeting of the RSC

June 25, 2005

West Orange, NJ, USA

Write-up on each dog will be posted soon...

Ages 3 years and up:

Dzhekson (M)

Dzhekson 9Dzhekson 7

Dzhekson 2Dzhekson 1

Dzhekson 3Dzhekson 4

Dzhekson 5Dzhekson 6Dzhekson 8


Fedya (M)

FedyaFedya 2

Fedya 3Fedya 5

Fedya 1Fedya Basya 3


Belashka Dina (F)

Dina 2Dina 3

Dina1Dina 4


Bimka (F)

<<no pictures available>>

Ages 1.5 to 3 years:

Basya (F)

Basya 3Basya 6

Basya 1Basya2

Basya 4Basya 5


Niga Molly (F)

Molly 11Molly 10

Molly 1Molly 2

Molly 3Molly 4

Molly 6Molly 9

Molly 7Moly 8

Ages 9 months to 1.5 years:


Varsonofia (F)

Sofie 14Sofie 4Sofie 7

Sofie 1Sofie 2Sofie 3

Sofie 5Sofie 6

Sofie 8Sofie 9Sofie 11

Sofie 13Sofie 15

Ages under 9 months:


Nattie (F)

Nattie 8Nattie 9

Nattie 1Nattie2Nattie 3Nattie 4

Nattie 5Nattie 6Nattie 7

Nattie 10Nattie 11Nattie 12


Dzhessi (F)

Dzhessi 7Dzhessi 5

Dzhessi 1Dzhessi 2Dzhessi 3

Dzhessi 4Dzhessi 6


We were very disapointed that people who planned to attend the show did not make it. Hopefully next year's meeting will gather more of our members. So till the next time!

Next Dog Show/Club meeting will be held during the summer of 2006. Tentative location is mid-US (somewhere in Wisconsin/Illinois/Indiana/Michigan area). We are open to suggestions on a specific location. Email us at rsclub@hotmail.com.


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